A playlist to travel around the world

This post is being written in pandemic times, when many airports and frontiers are closed, hence, almost nobody is currently traveling. So, why create a post to encourage people to travel when it’s almost impossible to do so? The answer is pretty simple: why not? We don’t know what’s gonna happen, we don’t know ifContinue reading “A playlist to travel around the world”

Chill songs, friends and marijuana

Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithm works pretty good. I’ve found many of my favorite songs thanks to that feature. Every week, after some hours listening to the recommended songs, I used to save 3 or 4 of them and add them to my playlist called “Weekly”, which contains all the great songs I discovered from DW.Continue reading “Chill songs, friends and marijuana”

Sesión de práctica 24/05/18

En las siguientes 4 canciones acompañé a un gran amigo y cantante, que al igual que yo, tenemos mucho por mejorar todavía. Aún así, publico estos audios con el objetivo de volver a escucharlos en un futuro y ver lo mucho que hemos avanzado. Este registro es una muestra de que la práctica es fundamental,Continue reading “Sesión de práctica 24/05/18”