I’m Favio. I like music, philosophy, literature, technology and I love sharing my knowledge with others. This site was built with that in mind and the only purpose of being useful for the next generations, being humans or aliens. Born and raised in Iquitos-Peru, I really hope you like my stuff.

Basic info, announcements and statements I’d like you to know

### I’ll update this periodically.

### This page will be opened to comments forever.


  • My mother tongue is spanish, that’s why my past posts are written in that language. If you find a mistake on my english please apologize, I’ll try my best and keep improving everytime.
  • Comments on new posts are closed after the first 100 days. I like to keep it that way so I don’t have to moderate comments for old posts. If you have any questions you can always mail me.
  • If I need to say something important I’ll put it on the homepage, meanwhile it will be kept empty.

General Advice

  • You are surfing the web and this blog is hosted in WordPress, so it’s very likely that you will see some ads here as in other websites, but you don’t have to. There are many adblockers out there. Wether you are on pc or mobile, you should use Firefox and install Ublock.
  • If you are reading this on pc, do yourself a favor an activate night light on Windows 10 or Redshift if you are on Linux or Mac, your eyes will thank you.


###Under maintenance###

Thanks for reading me.

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