A playlist to travel around the world

This post is being written in pandemic times, when many airports and frontiers are closed, hence, almost nobody is currently traveling. So, why create a post to encourage people to travel when it’s almost impossible to do so? The answer is pretty simple: why not?

From Walter Mitty movie.

We don’t know what’s gonna happen, we don’t know if a vaccine is gonna be found, or if is gonna be effective. Maybe it’s the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, or maybe this was all planned by aliens and we are gonna be colonized in a few months. We just simply don’t know.

Anyway, in any worst case scenario, we are gonna miss the “old world”, how our lives were before, and one of the things that we are gonna miss the most will be traveling. That’s why I created a playlist and sharing it to the world so they can listen to those beautiful songs when they are chilling out, after killing some zombies, dreaming about an ideal world, the one we had before, even with all the ups and downs.

This playlist is called “Take the plunge“. If you are reading this post you already know why. Feel free to add some recommendations: nautilano@gmail.com

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