The inner good

Life has ups and downs, we all know that. No matter how emotionally strong you think you are, there will always be moments of weakness. You’ll win some of those battles and lose many others.

One of the biggest battles we face (and maybe the most important) is “the good and the bad” one. To do the right thing or not. To be nice or mean. We, normal humans, don’t fight supervillains. We fight ourselves and we keep fighting that battle forever. We become stronger after every defeat or victory.

Shazam! 2019. If you watched the movie you’ll know why is this here.

If you were lucky, after your first battles when you were a child, you decided what side to be part of in this “good vs bad” war. If you are reading this, you probably have some foundations of values and principles in your spirit. If you are not sure whether you are a good or a bad person, don’t worry, you probably are. Wondering and looking for answers about the soul is a quality of good people.

Don’t worry. That’s all I can say to you, and many chill singers of history would agree. If you’ve a lost a battle, if you’ve fallen into temptation and you are struggling in finding the right answers…just…don’t worry. You’ll have another chance to prove yourself that you are a good and worthy person. Because we all have an inner good, it just takes time to find it, and once you do, you’ll also find inner peace, and that’s another step towards victory.