Corruption strikes again (about Iquitos Covid-19 crisis)

Well yeah. All those articles from the New York Times or BBC about Iquitos are true. There is no medicine, no medical air and patients and doctors are dying in a massive scale. Iquitos, a beautiful peruvian city in the middle of the amazon, is in chaos.

I live in this city, and I can tell this things I know for sure:

  • Things are gonna get better. Thanks to the help of the church (yeah, not from the local government) we got new medical air plants to save lives. How did they get the money? From the same people, they collected donations through facebook.
  • Corruption is the culprit. Why did we need to buy new medical air plants in the first place? Because the plants we already had were shitty, old and non-functional. Though our local government got millions of soles from the president, they did nothing. Just after the initiative seen from the church, they started posting lies on facebook saying that they were working on the plants.
  • Medicine is more expensive in Iquitos than in other peruvian cities. The fact that Iquitos is surrounded by rivers makes the city unaccessible from ground, making everything more expensive, food and medicine, hence, poor people are dying.

Things I don’t know:

  • How long this crisis is gonna last and how long is gonna take us to recover from it.

Iquitos has carried a problem for many, many years, and that problem is corruption. We know that thing is present everywhere in the world, but here, in this aislated city, it strikes the most. The people from Iquitos are so nice and lovely, but they have just one curse: they don’t know how to choose their authorities. I’ve been living almost 23 years in this city and I don’t remember one time when the population was happy with the local government.

Corruption is a genereal problem in Peru. The fact that always bad beople get to the power is a matter of investigation, and I personally am trying to change.