A nice hostel in Iquitos, Perú

You’ve been traveling for seven months, you’ve met people, you’ve found yourself, but now you feel tired. Deep inside your mind you hear a voice telling you to continue. You know what’s your next destination. Now that you’ve found yourself, it’s the perfect moment to purify your soul, to reconciliate with your past and to identify and beat your fears. It’s the perfect time to go to the jungle. But first, you need to find a nice hostel to stay, a perfect place to make friends and a temporal home where you will be loved and cared. A place where you would like to come back after the tours and that you’ll feel sad when the time to say good bye comes.

That place is Moicca Hostel, called with the same name of a lovely dog, it’s the only hostel in Iquitos which has been made from scratch and built to be a hostel. Don’t take risks, and come to this place to find out what a nice hostel is.