Who’s making this world a worst place?

Back when I was a teenager I used to think that all kinds of drugs and alcohol were totally bad for people and society, mostly because I spent my school days watching many of my “bad” classmates being suspended or penalized for bringing alcohol or cigarettes to the class. Of course, I was one of the good kids, and my parents were very proud of me because I never gave them those kind of problems. I thought many times “I will never be like those kids, I’ll never drink alcohol, do drugs, go to parties and have sex before marriage. I’m a good kid who’s gonna make this world a better place”.

Guess what. I’ve tried vodka, beer, tequila, etc. Beer is my favorite. Heineken, if you ask. I also smoke weed and want to try lsd and mushrooms. This being said, am I bad guy? Maybe, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not making any harm to anybody. Some people would say “Yeah, you’re damaging your body” or “You’re contributing to drug cartels and allowing them to harm many people”. The thing is, I don’t drink or smoke every day or every week, I do it when I want to. I am smart enough to know if I’m doing something bad to my body, and strong enough to stop doing that.

That’s the difference between me and my teenager classmates. They started too young and immature. They didn’t know how to control themselves. I’m not judging them btw, some of those classmates became great adults, even better than me.

And what about contributing to drug cartels? Regarding marijuana, I think the answer is pretty clear: Make it fucking legal. At least in my country, Peru, if you smoke in your backyard, your neighboors call the police. Let me tell you an anecdote: Three weeks ago I was smoking with my friends in some desolate street. There were literally no houses or childen nearby. We were just chilling out listening to music and suddenly, a man appeared in a motorbike, with a woman on the backseat carrying her baby. He looket at us and said “Smokers sons of bitches”, then he continued on his way.

What do you think? Who’s doing this world a worst place to live? That man? Me and my friends? Both? You decide. Meanwhile, I’m going to drink some beer, watch a soccer game and then keep trying to change the world.