Being in a rock band

There is a scene on the movie “Flipped”, where Bryce’s father is reminded by his wife that he was part of a band when they first met. Anyone can notice immediatly the change on his facial expression and attitude. It isn’t hard to imagine that he used to love playing the saxo on his band, but life happened, and somehow he ended being an asshole. Yeah, he has a beautiful family, a big house, he has money, but he is unhappy inside, because he stopped doing what he loves, music.

That’s what being in a band means, just being happy. You can buy any musical instrument you want, but you can’t buy folks to play with, unless you have money and can hire them. Anyway, most of the people find their musical buds at school, they start playing covers and eventually try to make their own songs. Is in that moment when the band have to make a big decision, keep performing on local bars and be happy about that, or leaving their comfort zone and take the plunge to be fucking famous and bring their music to the biggest stadiums.

“Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad” is the perfect rock anime. It really portraits what it really is to be in a rock band. You should definetely watch it if you haven’t yet.

My story is pretty similar to Koyuki, the main character of Beck, I’m the youngest member, I’m virgin, I’m the rythmn guitar, I can sing and write ridiculous love songs. There is only one difference between Koyuki and me: I had it harder. I’m 21 now, and I’ve been wanting to be in a rock band since I was 12. My friends were everything but musicians. I went to every local rock bar, and watched many bands perform, and everytime I saw those bands, I couldn’t help to think why it was so hard for me to have musician friends and form a band together.

It wasn’t until March this year, that I met a band whose members where 7 years older than me. They were looking for a responsible guitar player.

We make psychedelic rock, and we want to be world-famous.