The only time I beat fapping

So, yeah, I still fap. After many years enjoying it and, eventually, trying to eliminate this bad habit from my life. I even wrote an article about this (in spanish) where I explain my point of view about masturbation and how it can affect our lives. I also mention the famous community called NoFap, where thousands of people try to help each other to stop fapping. Nevertheless, being part of that community and sharing my philosophy on my own blog didn’t make me stop jerking off.

Despite knowing that fapping is a bad habit, I still do it. I just can’t resist myself. I know I will enjoy it, as well as I will feel miserable at the end. Not even all the benefits of NoFap that you can read on their subreddit could eliminate my desire of seeing a naked woman and jerk off again. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perv. I know that for a fact, because I once beat fapping.

How did I do it? Simple. I fell in love. I was going out with a girl for weeks and I couldn’t think in other girl that wasn’t her. Seriously, there was no room in my mind for another beautiful face or body. I didn’t even think in having sex with her, because my intentions towards her were purely innocent, just pure and real love. Of course, she wasn’t just another girl. She was the only girl I loved in my life. We met when we where kids, but we couldn’t be together all these years. Maybe that’s why I only had innocent feelings towards her, because I was still seeing her as a kid, even though she was 21. Anyway, things didn’t work out. The fact is, I didn’t fap when I was with her, and didn’t fap when I stopped seeing her, for weeks. I was doing great with nofap, but eventually, loneliness made me fall again.

You can find on the Nofap subreddit many threads about relapsing. It means that beating masturbation is really, really hard. But posible. Maybe there are other ways. I tried them all, but only one worked for me. Love.

The Beatles knew it right. Maybe that’s all we need.