Life is savage

Life is what it is. Savage. We did not ask to born, but still, we are here. We just have to accept it. It isn’t that hard to know and be aware of the things that are happening around the world. Yeah, there are people enjoying their lives, pretty sure you are doing it too, but there are tons of people suffering, and sadly, most of the people that often worry about the unlucky ones can’t do much for them.

And yes, I’m saying luck, because sometimes there is no other explanation. Call it karma, fate, whatever. We don’t really know and probably never do. But the sensation we often get from the reality is that life is unfair. It is even for me, which I consider myself very lucky, because I don’t deserve most of the great things that happen to me. It’s inevitable to get this feeling whenever I see people on the streets who never had the same opportunities as me.

Bad things happen, and they can happen anytime, to anyone. You can be at the top of the world in a moment, and then in a matter of seconds, notice that you’ve already fallen. That’s why you have to enjoy the moment, even if you feel that you don’t deserve it. Do something, get action, think of the unlucky ones and someday, maybe, you and me will be able to help them.

Life is savage, be savage too.