A nice hostel in Iquitos, Perú

You’ve been traveling for seven months, you’ve met people, you’ve found yourself, but now you feel tired. Deep inside your mind you hear a voice telling you to continue. You know what’s your next destination. Now that you’ve found yourself, it’s the perfect moment to purify your soul, to reconciliate with your past and to identify and beat your fears. It’s the perfect time to go to the jungle. But first, you need to find a nice hostel to stay, a perfect place to make friends and a temporal home where you will be loved and cared. A place where you would like to come back after the tours and that you’ll feel sad when the time to say good bye comes.

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Who’s making this world a worst place?

Back when I was a teenager I used to think that all kinds of drugs and alcohol were totally bad for people and society, mostly because I spent my school days watching many of my “bad” classmates being suspended or penalized for bringing alcohol or cigarettes to the class. Of course, I was one of the good kids, and my parents were very proud of me because I never gave them those kind of problems. I thought many times “I will never be like those kids, I’ll never drink alcohol, do drugs, go to parties and have sex before marriage. I’m a good kid who’s gonna make this world a better place”.

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The only damn reason to blog

Some people start a blog because they want to sell stuff, whereas others just want to write poetry. In WordPress, as well as other blogging platforms, you can find musicians, painters, illustrators, writers, and even youtubers. Some of this artists may want to earn some money through inserting ads on his blog or selling their work, and that’s totally fine. But there is some people that just want to share their art and thoughts to the world, just because it makes them feel good. Those are my favourite people. Yeah. It’s great making money doing something you love, but doing something you love just because you want is priceless. I don’t want you to agree with me. I just know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable monetizing my site knowing that my readers would see annoying ads everywhere. I run a blog because I want to do it, because I like it and because it feels nice to read my words on the web. Nevertheless, these are not the real reasons why I blog and why everybody should as well.

The only reason to blog is: being useful.

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Being in a rock band

There is a scene on the movie “Flipped”, where Bryce’s father is reminded by his wife that he was part of a band when they first met. Anyone can notice immediatly the change on his facial expression and attitude. It isn’t hard to imagine that he used to love playing the saxo on his band, but life happened, and somehow he ended being an asshole. Yeah, he has a beautiful family, a big house, he has money, but he is unhappy inside, because he stopped doing what he loves, music.

That’s what being in a band means, just being happy. You can buy any musical instrument you want, but you can’t buy folks to play with, unless you have money and can hire them. Anyway, most of the people find their musical buds at school, they start playing covers and eventually try to make their own songs. Is in that moment when the band have to make a big decision, keep performing on local bars and be happy about that, or leaving their comfort zone and take the plunge to be fucking famous and bring their music to the biggest stadiums.

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Like an angel

Stop, my friend. Stop thinking about your ex. Stop scrolling the profiles of the hottest girls of your town. Stop viewing stories of your crush. Stop jerking off watching videos of nude girls. At least try it, for your own good. You are wasting time doing all these things, and you know it. You know you have bettter things to do. You just have to man up and do it. But first you have to stop doing all the stuff that prevents you to be the man you want to be.

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The only time I beat fapping

So, yeah, I still fap. After many years enjoying it and, eventually, trying to eliminate this bad habit from my life. I even wrote an article about this (in spanish) where I explain my point of view about masturbation and how it can affect our lives. I also mention the famous community called NoFap, where thousands of people try to help each other to stop fapping. Nevertheless, being part of that community and sharing my philosophy on my own blog didn’t make me stop jerking off.

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Life is savage

Life is what it is. Savage. We did not ask to born, but still, we are here. We just have to accept it. It isn’t that hard to know and be aware of the things that are happening around the world. Yeah, there are people enjoying their lives, pretty sure you are doing it too, but there are tons of people suffering, and sadly, most of the people that often worry about the unlucky ones can’t do much for them.

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No somos más que lo que dejamos en este mundo

Escribo esta entrada el mismo día en que Alan García, ex presidente del Perú, se pegó un tiro en la cabeza. A lo Kurt, a lo Hemingway. Lo único que tienen en común estos personajes es la manera de suicidarse. Kurt, un gran músico grunge, compuso exitosas canciones y dejó un legado para las futuras generaciones amantes de su música. Hemingway, autor de maravillosas novelas, es considerado uno de los mejores escritores de la historia. Alan García, abogado y político peruano, elegido dos veces como presidente del Perú, es considerado “el delincuente más cobarde de la historia del país” por gran parte de la población, que actualmente no saben si celebrar o guardar luto por su muerte.

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Mi experiencia escribiendo una novela

En Noviembre del año pasado una amiga de twitter me avisó de un concurso de Novela corta del BCRP:

Me pareció una maravillosa oportunidad y decidí finalmente realizar una de mis grandes metas, una de las que he estado postergando durante años. Yo ya había escrito varios cuentos y poemas, por lo tanto, me sentía preparado para este reto.

Como tenía aproximadamente 3 meses para entregar la novela, pensé en avanzarla poco a poco. A veces escribía un capítulo y luego lo dejaba por una semana, otras veces, escribía dos capítulos y lo dejaba por dos semanas. Yo estaba confiado, pues pensaba que uno o dos días completos de inspiración y dedicación bastaban para terminar la novela. GRAN ERROR. 

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